In order to use the systems and network facitlities, you need to be associated as Staff, Research Fellow, Post Doctoral Fellow, Associate, Visiting student, Visiting faculty or Visiting scientist.

To get an account on the system,  contact the System Administrators Dr.G.Subramoniam or Mr. Raveendra Reddy. Give him your full name, preferred login name, and your discipline (physics/maths/tcs). He will create an account for you. The first thing you should do upon logging in is to set your password. This should be a string of characters sufficiently cryptic so that others cannot easily guess it. Passwords protect your account from inadvertent or mischievous tampering by other users, so it is in your own interest to use a good password and keep it secret.

There are several Do's and Dont's regarding the system. As you become frequent users, you will slowly get to know them all. Meanwhile, use the system with care, and get computer-literate as fast as you can!


May 4 - Hall 123 - PJC by Pheno Journal Club
May 5 - Room 117 - NA by STJC
May 10 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - TBA by Gautam Mandal
May 11 - Hall 123 - PJC by Pheno Journal Club
May 12 - Room 117 - NA by STJC

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