Academic Programmes

Graduate Programme
IMSc has an active graduate student program to which a select group of students are admitted every year to work towards a Ph.D degree.

Postdoctoral Research
The Institute supports, through fellowships, a large number of post-doctoral fellows from all over the world who come to IMSc to work.

Faculty positions
We are actively looking to recruit talented and creative scientists as faculty in theoretical physics, mathematics and theoretical computer science.

Associateships at IMSc
IMSc offers Associateships of the Institute, targeted at college and university teachers.

Visiting Studentships
The Visiting Studentship program supports visits by graduate students of other Universities/Institutes who collaborate with IMSc members as part of their thesis work.

Visiting Scientists
IMSc supports an active visitors program in which visitors from all over the world and from a large number of academic institutions in India visit and work at the Institute.

Summer Student Programme
IMSc conducts a Summer Student Programme every year in the May-July period.


Oct 17 - Room 327 - Logic Seminar: p equals t Part I by R Ramanujam
Oct 17 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Velocity statistics of Granular gases by V. V. Prasad
Oct 17 - Room 327 - Logic Seminar: p equals t Part II by S P Suresh
Oct 17 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Soft graviton theorem in generic quantum theory of gravity - IV by Ashoke Sen
Oct 19 - Room 326 - Neron-Tate height and local decomposition by Abhishek T Bharadwaj
Oct 19 - Hall 123 - Pheno Journal Club by Pheno Journal Club

More Seminars