My Research Group

My research group (March 31, 2014): (standing, from left to right) Sasidevan, Tanmay, Sridhar, Ashraf, Anand, Shakti, Chandrashekar; (sitting, from left to right) Soumya, Abdul, Janaki.

My research group (November 1, 2013): (front row, from left to right) SS, Manu Dixit (intern from BITS Pilani), Ashraf, Tanmay, Janaki, Soumya, Rajeev; (back row) Venkat, Sridhar, Abdul, Shakti, Chandrashekar, Jesan, Anand.

My research group (Aug 11, 2009): (standing) Sridhar, SS, Jesan, Neeraj Pradhan (visiting student from BITS, Pilani); (sitting) Abhishek Dasgupta (visiting student from IISER Kolkata), Raj and Ashraf. (Rajeev is missing)

S Sridhar
Scimergent Postdoctoral Scientist (2013- )
Project Assistant, IMSc Complex Systems Project (2005-2011)

Sridhar is working on nonlinear dynamics of excitable media, in particular, control of spatiotemporal chaos and and the role of heterogeneities in cardiac arrhythmias.

T Jesan
Scientist D, BARC (2008- )

Jesan is working on biological networks pertaining to systems biology (viz., intra-cellular signalling and epidemic propagation)

Former Members

Rajeev Singh
Research Fellow, IMSc (2007-2013)

Rajeev did his Ph.D. here on pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems as well as order-disorder transitions in spin networks (e.g., chimera order). At present he is postdoc at the Max-Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Finland.

Raj Kumar Pan
Research Fellow, IMSc (2003-2009)

Raj did his Ph.D. here on complex networks, and empirical & modeling studies of socioeconomic distributions (in particular, the distribution of popularity). At present he is with the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science, Aalto University, Finland.

Ayan Nandy
Research Associate, IFCPAR Project (2006-2007)

Antina Ghosh
Project Assistant, IMSc Complex Systems Project (2005)