khayyam.jpg This page is obviously under construction - in fact, I have only just started building it up. I hope to augment it with material divided under the three main headings:
  • Omar, the mathematician
  • Omar, the astronomer
  • Omar, the mystic-poet
  • A brief biography of Omar (from Encyclopaedia Britannica)

    There are numerous sites on the web which have the text of the Rubaiyaat - here are a few links:

    I have started by including the following essay on Omar's mathematical side.

    J. L. Coolidge on The Mathematics of Omar Khayyam:

    The Epicurean Humanism of Omar Khayyam by Pat Duffy Hutcheon

    Persian for Beginners by Iraj Bashiri

    A life of Khayyam" by Iraj Bashiri

    Edward Fitzgerald: Omar's populariser to the west

    ``... the content that must have attracted this odd Victorian - the fantasy of being liberated from the female that underlies `Salaman and Absal, an Allegory Translated from the Persian of Jami'; or the epicurean sensuality of `The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam'. ... the lengths to which FitzGerald went, and the problems he encountered, in his struggle to create a contemporary parallel to the mood of the original. (For instance, the garden in The Rubaiyat, one of the poem's dominant images, is wholly an invention of the translator.)''
    - Christopher Lehmann-Haupt (Book review of R. B. Martin's biography of Fitzgerald, N Y Times, April 11, 1985,Sec.C;p.24,col.3)