School on Loop Quantum Gravity
Sept 22 - 30, 2010
Chandrasekhar Hall, IMSc, Chennai

Loop Quantum Gravity or LQG as it is commonly know, is an approach to develop a quantum theory gravity and matter which keeps the background independence manifest. It is a non-perturbative formulation necessary to address highly dynamical and strongly curved geometries of early universe and as well as near the black hole singularities. The novel (loop) quantization has already revealed discrete nature of spatial geometry. More recently the methods of LQG, applied to the FRW cosmology have shown that the classical big bang singularity is replaced by a "bounce".

The School aims to introduce the program of LQG to the beginners. The 16 lecture program is divided in two parts. About 10 lectures will discuss the basics including the canonical formulation, background independence and appropriate variables, loop quantization, area and volume operators, construction of physical observables and states. About 6 lectures will discuss the applications of LQG to the problem of black hole entropy developing the necessary framework of isolated horizons. About two lectures aim to discuss relation between the usual Fock quantization and the loop quantization. ( Tentative Program ).

There will be two lectures in the morning and a tutorial in the afternoon with plenty of time for discussions. While the lectures will be largely self contained, it is strongly urged to have familiarity with general relativity at the level of Wald or Hartle.

The out-station participants are already confirmed. Interested, local participants may please send me an email ( requesting registration (free), so that the logistics can be organized. Here is the current List of Participants.

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