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An sl(2, R) current algebra from AdS3 gravity
with Rohan Poojary and Nemani Suryanarayana.
Firewalls in AdS/CFT
with Borun Chowdhury
Unitarity and fuzzball complementarity: Alice fuzzes but may not even know it!
with Borun Chowdhury and Andrea Puhm.
Qubit Models of Black Hole Evaporation
Evolution of Entanglement Entropy in the D1-D5 Brane System
with Curtis Asplund.


Using the D1D5 CFT to Understand Black Holes
My dissertation. See also the arXiv copy.
Intertwining Relations for the Deformed D1D5 CFT
with Borun Chowdhury.
Excitations in the deformed D1D5 CFT
with Borun Chowdhury and Samir Mathur.
Deforming the D1D5 CFT Away from the Orbifold Point
with Borun Chowdhury and Samir Mathur.
Emission from the D1D5 CFT: Higher Twists
with Borun Chowdhury.
Emission from the D1D5 CFT
with Borun Chowdhury and Samir Mathur.
The AdS–CFT Correspondence
My candidacy exam paper on the AdS–CFT Correspondence, focusing on AdS5.
Mechanics and Quantum Supermechanics of a Monopole Probe Including a Coulomb Potential
with Jeremy Michelson.


Noncommutative Geometry
My senior undergraduate research project on noncommutative field theories. The background section is a good introduction into tensor fields on manifolds and classical field theory.
The Myth of The Myth of Fingerprints
The award-winning paper Eric Malm, Eric Harley, and I submitted for the 2004 Mathematical Contest in Modeling on the uniqueness of fingerprints.