Curriculum Vitae

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String theory is one of the most promising avenues of high-energy theoretical research today. Although the energy scales where it makes robust predictions are inaccessible for the near future, string theory is the most successful unification of quantum mechanics and gravity. Furthermore, it provides a framework that can plausibly contain the familiar standard model physics we know.

Rather than focus on string theory as a candidate theory of everything, and try to make particle physics predictions; it may be more profitable at this time to focus on string theory as a theory of quantum gravity, and try to solve outstanding puzzles about spacetime.

My research, then, uses string theory to study black holes, the testing grounds for quantum gravity. Ultimately, one hopes that understanding the small-scale structure of spacetime may elucidate the physics of the very early universe and perhaps even the theory of everything aspect of string theory.


I am a physics postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai, studying high-energy theoretical physics.

I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles before majoring in math and physics at Harvey Mudd College in 2001. For those unfamiliar with it, HMC is a small technical school in Claremont, CA (near Los Angeles) known for its intense program, dedication to undergraduate education, and its students' crazy antics.

After graduating from HMC in 2005, I joined the Ohio State University Physics Department as a graduate student. There, I worked under my advisor Professor Samir Mathur studying black hole physics in string theory until I graduated in 2010.

When I am not studying physics, I enjoy rock climbing, snow boarding, and just about anything outdoors. I also am an insatiable reader of science fiction, fantasy, and more legitimate literature.