This directory contains supporting data for
R. Siddharthan, "PhyloGibbs-MP: Module prediction and discriminative motif finding by Gibbs sampling", PLoS Comput Biol 4(8): e1000156 (2008) (link)

Only the flyreg matrices file may be generally useful. The other file contains raw output for the benchmarks presented in the paper, and is only useful for those who want to do their own analysis of the benchmarks. (It is also extremely large!)

The files are:
supporting_data.tar.bz2 (34MB), data for all benchmarks reported in the paper. (Updated June 14, 2008)
suppdata_flyreg_matrices.tar.bz2 (0.3MB), weight matrices constructed from the Flyreg database of DNAse-I footprints

Rahul Siddharthan
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