Course Outline
Pre-requisites: Classical Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, Ideal gas
This course will aim to cover:
- Some elementary Probability Theory, Phase-space flow: Louiville's Theorem, Postulate of Classical Statistical Mechanics;
- Microcanonical Ensemble: Two-level Systems, The Ideal Gas, Mixing Entropy and the Gibbs Paradox;
- Canonical Ensemble and Grand Canonical Ensemble, Chemical Potential, Equivalence of Canonical and Grand Canonical Ensemble;
- Quantum Statistical Mechanics: The Postulates of Quantum Statistical Mechanics, Density Matrix, Ensembles in Quantum Statistical Mechanics, Dilute Polyatomic Gases, Vibrations of a Solid, Black-body Radiation;
- Ideal Bose gas: Photons, Phonons, Bose-Einstein Condensation; Ideal Fermi gas: Equation of State, Theory of White Dwarfs, Landau Diamagnetism.

1. Statistical Mechanics by Kerson Huang, Wiley Eastern.
2. Statistical Physics of Particles by Mehran Kardar, Cambridge University Press.
3. Statistical Physics: Course of Theoretical Physics, Vol. 5, Part 1, by L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz; Butterworth Heinemann.

Grading format: Homework - 20%, Mid-semester exam - 30%, End-semester exam - 50%

6th Aug: Review Problem Set
15th Aug: Problem set 1 (Due 22nd Aug)
29th Aug: Problem set 2 (Due 5th Sep)
26th Sep: Mid Semester Exam
22nd Oct: Problem Set 3 (Due 31st Oct)
16th Nov: Problem Set 4

Extras: Some (Handwritten!) Notes
A small note on Probability as a Measure.