Welcome to my official home page. I am in my fourth year of graduate school at the Theoretical Computer Science Department at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. You can find a list of publications here. My research interests involve the design and analysis of algorithms, combinatorics, logic and parameterized complexity.

If you enjoy reading content online, I would strongly recommend subscribing to the TCS blog aggregator (you would need a feed reader, usually your browser, or operating system, or gmail account would have one), maintainted by Arvind Narayanan. Also, a nice hang out for those with a passing or serious interest in theoretical computer science is the CSTheory Stack Exchange website, which is still in its beta stages. If you are a part of the community, show your support by participation to enable to website to graduate from beta, into something along the lines of Stack/Math Overflow.

When I am not traveling, I can be found at:
#119, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
CIT Campus, Taramani
Chennai 600 113