The Irreversible-Reversible Transition

Universality class of the reversible-irreversible transition in sheared suspensions
Gautam I. Menon and Sriram Ramaswamy
Phys. Rev. E 79, 061108 (2009)

The Glass Transition

The Glass Transition and Liquid-Gas Spinodal Boundaries of Metastable Liquids
S. S. Ashwin, Gautam I. Menon and Srikanth Sastry
Europhysics Letters, 75(6), 922 (2006)

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A one-dimensional model with an infinity of conservation laws

Conservation Laws and Integrability of a One-dimensional Model for Diffusing Dimers
Gautam I. Menon, Mustansir Barma and Deepak Dhar
J. Stat Phys., 87, 1237, (1997)

Persistence with parallel dynamics

Persistence in One-dimensional Ising Models with Parallel Dynamics

Gautam I. Menon, Purusattam Ray and Prabodh Shukla
Phys. Rev. E, 64, 46102 (2001)
Exact Persistence Exponent for One-dimensional Potts Models with Parallel Dynamics
Gautam I. Menon and Purusattam Ray
J. Phys. A. Math Gen, 34, L735-L741 (2001)

Persistence and the Directed Percolation Transition in Coupled Map lattices

Persistence at the Onset of Spatio-temporal Intermittency in Coupled Map Lattices
Gautam I. Menon, Sudeshna Sinha and Purusattam Ray
Europhysics Letters, 61, 27 (2003)

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A general approach to the hydrodynamic properties of interacting Brownian motors

Universal Properties of Interacting Brownian motors
Yashar Aghababaie, Gautam I. Menon and Michael Plischke
Phys. Rev. E, 59, 2578, (1999)