Gautam I. Menon 

Gautam I. Menon  

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
C.I.T. Campus, Taramani
Chennai 600 113, INDIA

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Mathematics for Health and Disease (April '15)

3rd Workshop and Conference on Modelling Infectious Diseases (Dec 2015)

My research applies methods from statistical mechanics to problems in condensed matter physics and biophysics. Much of my previous work was in the field of type-II superconductivity, including theoretical approches to problems such as flux-lattice melting, vortex glass structure and correlations, the peak effect, dynamical states in driven disordered flux-line arrays, the surface melting of the flux lattice and models for data from muon-spin rotation experiments. I've also been interested in several problems across soft condensed matter, biological physics and statistical mechanics over the years.

My recent work uses non-equilibrium statistical physics and soft condensed matter physics techniques to study biophysical problems. The modeling of infectious diseases is a special interest of mine.

For interested students: IMSc started a Computational Biology program a few years ago. For more about biology research at IMSc, see Biology at IMSc.

I am enthusiastic about science and mathematics outreach. See, for example, the Science at the Sabha program which I help organize

Some recent papers are listed below:
Narmada Sambaturu, Sumanta Mukherjee, Martin Lopez-Garcia, Carmen Molina-Paris, Gautam I. Menon and Nagasuma Chandra, Evaluating Epidemiological Impact of Genetic Heterogeneity using Multi-compartment SIR Models for H1N1 Influenza, in revision

Parul Sood, Kausalya Murthy , Vinod Kumar , Michael Nonet, Gautam I Menon and Sandhya P. Kaushika, Cargo crowding at actin-rich regions along axons causes local traffic jams in neurons, Traffic (2018)

Varuni Prabhakar, Shakti N. Menon and Gautam I Menon,Modelling Phototaxis as a Collective Phenomenon in Cyanobacterial Colonies, Scientific Reports 7, 17799 (2017)

Ankit Agrawal, Nirmalendu Ganai, Surajit Sengupta and Gautam I. Menon, Chromatin as Active Matter, J. Stat. Mech. 014001 (2017)

Nirmalendu Ganai, Surajit Sengupta and Gautam I. Menon, Chromosome Positioning from Activity-based Segregation, Nucleic Acids Research 42 (7): 4145-4159 (2014)

Shefali Talwar, Abhishek Kumar, Madan Rao, Gautam I. Menon, and G.V. Shivashankar, Structural heterogeneity in chromatin compaction states characterizes stem cells, Biophys. J 104 553-564 (2013)

P. Ranjith and Gautam I. Menon, Stretching and Bending Fluctuations of Short DNA Molecules, Biophys. J 104 463-471 (2013)


  • Ph.D, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (1994) 
  • Visiting Fellow, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India (1994-96) 
  • Post-doctoral Fellow/Sessional Instructor, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada (1996-98) 
  • Fellow, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India (1998-2003) 
  • Reader, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India (2003-2006) 
  • Associate, Indian Academy of Sciences, India (1996-2001) 
  • DST Fast Track Fellowship (2002)
  • Swarnajayanti Fellowship (2005)
  • Professor, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India (2006-) 
  • DAE-SRC Outstanding Research Investigator (2010-) 
  • APS Outstanding Referee (2011) 
  • Visiting Professor, NUS Singapore (Oct, 2011 - April, 2013 ) 
  • Professor H, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India (2012-) 
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award: Reports on Progress in Physics, IOP, UK - 2016 (2017) 

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