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K S Krishnan Discussion Meeting on
Frontiers in Quantum Science - 2007

Novel Phenomena in Graphene
11-12th December 2007

(co-sponsor: K S Krishnan Memorian Trust, Chennai)

K S Krishnan discovered Landau diamagnetism in graphite and together
with Ganguly discovered quasi 2-dimensional electrical conductivity
in graphite nearly 70 years ago. With the newly acquired ability
to isolate stable mono atomic layer of graphene sheet and make
experimental study,graphite has come into prominence in nano
science, in the last couple of years. Anomalous quantum Hall
states, highly coherent electrical conduction, condensed matter
analogues of relativistic massless Dirac field theory phenomena,
anomalies and Klein paradox have been seen experimentally.There are
fascinating theoretical predictions in graphene, new experimental and theoretical
challenges in nano science and a great device potential in nano technology.

Some of the topics covered are:

quantum Hall phenomena, anomalous electric field effects,
Raman effect, local experimental probes, Klein paradox,
superconductivity in graphene related systems,
exploration of relativistic quantum field analogies,
spin-1 collective modes, mesoscopic electrical conduction,
Luttinger liquid like behaviour in graphene related systems

Speakers and Discussion Leaders include:

S. Banerjee (SINP), G. Baskaran (IMSc), M. Deshmukh (TIFR), A. Ferrari (Cambridge, UK),
Arindam Ghosh (IISc), A. Jafari(Iswahan, Iran), A. Jayanavar (IOP),
Vinu Lukose (IMSc), K.S. Narayan (JNCASR),
M. Sardar (IGCAR), Diptiman Sen (IISc), K. Sengupta (SINP),
R. Shankar (IMSc), Ajay Sood (IISc), M. Sutherland (Cambridge, UK), T. Sentil (IISc),

Organizers: G. Baskaran and R. Shankar

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Financial support from: The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai & British Council, Chennai