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Re: Credits

    > That description is misleading--we are not "headed" anywhere on this
    > issue.  We are already there, and we have been there for many years.
    > We have been using invariant sections since the 80s, and we continue
    > to use them.

    I find this difficult to understand since the GFDL was created only
    in 2001.

Look at an Emacs manual from any time since the 80s and you will see
the GNU Manifesto as (a kind of) invariant section.  The GFDL formalized
the idea of invariant sections, made it less ad-hoc.

    I also make the prediction that you will change your policy in this
    matter within the next 5 years

It is very condescending to say that.

I predict that no amount of opposition can make me change my mind,
independent of the issue itself.