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Fri, 20 Mar 2015

Epic Fail

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Whether or not believes the more outlandish claims about advanced technology (and perhaps science?) in Vedic times, there is no doubt that the people of those times suffered an epic failure. How else can one characterise the complete ignorance of this "advanced" S&T by their descendants who have lived in more recent times?

  1. Either these claims of nuclear weapons, computers, rockets etc. in Vedic times are completely made-up hocus pocus, or
  2. Those who designed these devices did not know how they worked, or
  3. Those who designed these devices did not teach their children how to make or use them, or
  4. Those who designed these devices wanted to keep the knowledge of these devices to their own community as a mechanism of control over the "general population". Unfortunately, their children, in spite of being "high-born", were not smart enough to keep things going.

I suppose that the "defenders of the faith" will characterise me as leftist or pseudo-secular for finding it easier to believe that either the first or the last are the most likely scenarios. Neither of them reflects well on the "greatness" of our ancestors!

If we wear blinkers to avoid learning lessons from our history, then we will be taught a lesson again and again.

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