At Manali, May 2007

View from the log hut

The log hut

Sadhana, Leela, Maya at log hut

Maya at log hut

Maya, Sadhana, Shanti, at log hut

Jam and Maya at log hut

Jam on swing, relaxing

Deodar forest behind log hut

Distant snow-capped mountains from log hut

Leela Maya eating ice-cream on Mall Road

Flying fox Sadhana

Flying fox Maya

Flying fox Leela

Valley crossing: Leela

Maya as local belle

Indu, Maya (red), Leela (green) at river

Jam and Leela at Beas River

Jam and Indu at Beas

Sadhana and Krishna at Beas

Beas at sunset

Leela, Maya, rabbit at Club House

Maya skating, Clubhouse

Leela skating, Clubhouse

Sadhana skating, Clubhouse

Leela crossing Beas

Leela over Beas

Sadhana crossing Beas

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