Academic Coordination

Current coordinator in Physics: R. Jagannathan (e-mail: jagan) (2007) Dean, Academic (Physics), Homi Bhabha National Institute

Member, Board of Studies in Physics: G. I. Menon (e-mail: menon) (2007) Member, Board of Studies (Physics), Homi Bhabha National Institute

Material pertaining to HBNI: Ordinances and Rules

Warning: doc files!

* ordinances-final.doc

* rules-amended-06.doc

* Graduate programme: Not yet here

Material pertaining to Anna University: MSc by research in theoretical physics

* syllabus.tex approved by Anna University

* approved by Anna University

* Curriculum, along with associated credits approved by Anna University for the MSc by research in Theoretical Physics.

* Grading system for Anna University students; includes marks-to-grades conversion, to be used for evaluating Anna University Students.

Material pertaining to IMSc courses

* course_eval.txt for evaluating course work at IMSc (fill and return to the academic coordinator).

* for evaluating course work at IMSc (in case you want to print it).