ICLA2013 papers accepted for presentation

Radha Jagadeesan, Corin Pitcher and James Riely. Non Interference for Intuitionist Necessity
Anthony Gasperin. Admissible Sets Above Automatic Structures.
Franco Parlamento and Flavio Previale. Cut elimination for Gentzen's sequent calculus with equality and logic of partial terms
Philippe Balbiani, Hans Van Ditmarsch and Andrey Kudinov. Subset space logic with arbitrary announcements
Cezary Cieslinski. Yablo sequences in truth theories
Simon Kramer. Logic of Non-Monotonic Interactive Proofs
Joel David Hamkins and Benedikt Löwe. Moving up and down in the generic multiverse
Bjoern Lellmann and Dirk Pattinson. Constructing Cut Free Sequent Systems With Context Restrictions Based on Classical or Intuitionistic Logic
Mai Ajspur and Valentin Goranko. Tableaux-based decision method for single-agent linear time synchronous temporal epistemic logics with interacting time and knowledge
Fernando R. Velazquez-Quesada. Public Announcements for Non-omniscient Agents
Katsuhiko Sano and Satoshi Tojo. Dynamic Epistemic Logic for Channel-Based Agent Communication
Yì N. Wáng and Thomas Ågotnes. Subset Space Public Announcement Logic
Soma Dutta, Sanjukta Basu and Mihir Chakraborty. Many-valued logics, fuzzy logics and graded consequence: a comparative appraisal
S Tiwari and Anupam Singh. Fuzzy preorder, fuzzy topology and fuzzy transition system
Rohit Parikh. Some thoughts on Kripke's puzzle about time and thought
Ido Ben-Zvi and Yoram Moses. Agent-time Epistemics and Coordination
Mani A. Dialectics of Knowledge Representation in a Granular Rough Set Theory
Sarah Holbrook and Pavel Naumov. The Shield Wall Principle: from Belief Formation to Concurrency
Manidipa Sanyal. Validity of Imperative Arguments
Thomas Ågotnes. What the Empty Group Knows
Hitoshi Omori and Michael De. Expansions of FDE and classical negation
Srabani Sarkar. Ontology Based Fuzzy Information Retrieval with an eye on Fuzziness
Fabien Schang. Negation and opposition
Sanchit Saraf and Sumit Sourabh. Characterizing Successful Formulas: the Multi-agent Case
Emmanuel Genot and Justine Jacot. Propositional Reasoning by Models? Abstraction and Coordination in the Double Disjunction Task