Theoretical studies on some elementary particle interactions and some stochastic processes associated with them

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Theoretical studies on some elementary particle interactions and some stochastic processes associated with them

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dc.description.abstract This thesis deals with the physics of fundamental particles. Refinements in the study of electrodynamics and with a new way of presenting well-established concepts in Field theory, are discussed in this thesis. The uses of recent methods of dispersion theory in the study of interactions of strange particles, the phenomenological analysis of some experimental facts in HEP are focused. en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents PartI Chapter I: Correlation problems in evolutionary stochastic processes. p.15 1) Introductory Remarks 2)Concept of correlations 3)Correlation in point processes 4)Sequent product densities 5)Application to Electron, photon cascades 6)Integral equations for function 7) Sequent correlation functions Chapter II: p.34 1)a. Introductory Remarks b. Wave mechanical formalism 2) Field theoretic formalism 3)a. Electron fields with negative energy states b. Electron Positron field c. Density correlations in the presence of interaction. Chapter III p.55 On the relative contribution of positive and negative energy intermediate states to matrix elements 1) Introductory Remarks 2) Decomposition of the Feynmann propagator and application to Compton Effect. Chapter IV p.70 On the concept of virtual states 1). Introductory remarks 2)Calculations : Demonstration of the equivalence between Feynman and Field theoretic formalisms for the third and fourth order Compton scattering. Chapter V p.92 Application of the concept of a typical realization to S-Matrix theory 1) Introductory Remarks 2) State vector in quantum field theory 3) Temporal evolution of the state vector in a collision process. 4) Evaluation of the matrix element in field theory a. The old fashioned Approach b. The covariant approach 5) Consequences of replacing particle by the corresponding antiparticle operators Chapter VI p.120 Application of stochastic method to quantum mechanics 1) New proof for the equivalence of Feynman and field theoretic formalisms 2)Symmetry operations on field variables 3) Interactions involving bound states states Chapter VII p.134 Photon Electron Correlations in double Compton scattering 1)Introductory Remarks 2)Calculations of the matrix element. PART II Chapter I p.145 On the Spin and parity of the Y* resonance 1)Introductory Remarks 2)Effective range formulae for S-wave Y Pi Scattering 3) Effective range formulae for higher orbital angular momentum status Chapter II p.163 Photoproduction of Pions on .....Hyperons 1) Introductory Remarks 2) The Calculation Chapter III p.170 Dispersion analysis of ... Production in KN Collisions 1)Introductory Remarks 2) Calculations 3)Partial wave analysis 4) Numerical Results Chapter IV p.184 Application of Chew-Low method TO three Particle production processes 1) Introductory Remarks 2) Calculations with final Y-Pi Interaction and the ... relative parity. PART III Chapter I p.198 On the possible resonances in ...p Collisions 1) Introductory Remarks 2) Isotopic Spin analysis 3)Calculations 4) Angular Distribution Chapter II p.218 Some consequences of Spin 3/2 for ... 1) Introductory Remarks 2)The strong interaction... 3) Double hyperfragment analysis 4) The reaction ... 5)Decay of the ... Chapter III p.235 On the possible bound state state of ... Appendices 240 en_US
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dc.subject Particle Physics en_US
dc.subject Electrodynamics en_US
dc.title Theoretical studies on some elementary particle interactions and some stochastic processes associated with them en_US Ph.D en_US
dc.type.institution University of Madras en_US
dc.description.advisor Ramakrishnan, Alladi
dc.type.mainsub Physics

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