Mathematics Summer Research Programme

The Institute has a limited programme for highly motivated bachelor's and master's students interested in mathematics to visit the Institute. Selected students will have an opportunity to pursue advanced studies in areas of mathematics of interest to the faculty members. More information about the mathematical interests of the faculty is available here.

Academic Requirements

Students currently studying in their pre-final or final year of BSc/BE/BTech or first year MSc/ME/MTech or equivalent, with a good academic record are encouraged to apply.

Details of the Visiting/Summer Programme

  • The duration of the programme can range from 3-8 weeks, and is to be decided based on the availability of the student and faculty mentor.
  • Selected students will be paid 2nd class round trip train fare plus Rs. 200 per diem.
  • Every effort will be made to provide accommodation, subject to availability.
  • As accommodation is limited, it may not be provided for local students.
  • The programme is typically held in the summer, but in exceptional cases, the visit can be scheduled at other times, depending on the convenience of the student and faculty member.

How to apply:

Fill in the online application form.  The last date for submitting appilcations for Summer Research programme in Mathematics is 28th February, 2016.


Jul 27 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive
Jul 28 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive
Jul 28 - Chandrasekhar Hall - Pheno Journal Club by Pheno Journal Club
Jul 28 - Hall 123 - A study on measures of total and quantum correlations by Shrobona Bagchi
Jul 28 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Hitchin morphism for parahoric torsors by Rohit Verma
Jul 29 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive

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