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Post Doctoral Programme - Mathematics

The Institute welcomes applications for Post-doctoral fellowships in all areas of mathematics, particularly in those of interest to the Mathematics faculty. The areas of interest broadly speaking are: Number theory, algebraic geometry, partial differential equations, operator algebras, subfactors, non-commutative geometry, Schroedinger and Jacobi operators, representation theory and topology. More details can be found in individual faculty homepages.

A PhD in Mathematics. At the time of appointment the applicant should have submitted his/her doctoral thesis. (It is not essential that the thesis should have been defended, so long as it has been submitted.)

Applications may be sent either by email, fax or by post to the Director, IMSc (contact information appears at the end of this page).
The application should contain a CV including a list of publications (if any) and a covering letter (with your contact details such as phone number, email address, and postal address, whenever available, and where you can be contacted a few months later). You should clearly mention that you are applying for a PDF (“Post Doctoral Fellow”) position in Mathematics.
Please arrange for at least two, preferably three, reference letters from persons familiar with your research work, to be sent directly to the Director (by email/fax/post).

Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an acknowledgement (by email if you have provided your email address). Your application will be processed once the reference letters are received and you should expect to hear from us in about four to six weeks from the time your application is complete (meaning that all of the following have been received: (i) your letter, (ii) CV, and (iii) all the reference letters). You may feel free to send an email to pdfm AT imsc.res.in in case you do not hear from us within two months. In the unlikely event that there is still no response, you may contact any member of the math faculty, preferably someone whose interests closely match yours.

The fellowship depends on number of years completed since thesis defence.
At present it ranges from Rs. 21,000/- (in case thesis is submitted but not yet defended) upto a maximum of Rs. 24000/- per month. In addition a contingency grant of Rs. 20,000/year is provided. Furnished accommodation and medical coverage will be provided. A House Rent  Allowance (equal to 30% of the fellowship amount) is provided for those who do not require Institute accommodation.

Prof. R. Balasubramanian,
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
CIT Campus, Taramani
Chennai 600113, India.
Phone: +91-44-2254-1856

Fax: +91-44-2254-1586
E-mail: director AT imsc DOT res DOT in


Apr 27 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Cohomology of locally symmetric spaces by Arghya Mondal
Apr 28 - Room 327 Graph Decomposition A -- Master Thesis Presentation by Pratik Tale/Saket Saurabh
Apr 28 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Aspects of N=2 conformal quiver gauge theories by Renjan John
Apr 29 - Hall 123 Stability, bifurcation and pattern formation of a diffusive predator-prey model by M. Sambath
Apr 30 - Room 327 Graph Decomposition B -- Master Thesis Presentation by Roohani Sharma/Saket Saurabh
Apr 30 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Inhomogeneous cubic congruences and rational points on Del Pezzo surfaces by Stephan Baier