The IMSc Library has established the following broad goals:

* Foster and support research, teaching, and learning by providing resources, access to knowledge, information and ideas;
* To establish and maintain state-of-the art library facilities;
* To acquire, organize and disseminate need based information resources in print, non-print and electronic forms;
* To design and develop library intranet server to host all the electronic information resources and to provide campus wide information access; and
* To design and develop web enabled information access tools

The accomplishments of IMSc Library over the years are substantial in meeting the above goals. Through innovative acquisition, organization, and delivery of information, the Library effectively provides information for our clients - faculty, students and visitors.


Jul 27 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive
Jul 28 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive
Jul 28 - Chandrasekhar Hall - Pheno Journal Club by Pheno Journal Club
Jul 28 - Hall 123 - A study on measures of total and quantum correlations by Shrobona Bagchi
Jul 28 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Hitchin morphism for parahoric torsors by Rohit Verma
Jul 29 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive

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