Maths Lecture for College/University Teachers, 29-30th Nov. 2012

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Golden Jubilee Celebrations


Mathematics Lecture Programme for College/University Teachers

on 29th & 30th November 2012


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  Participant's Name       
Agnes Lavanya, V. Dr. M.G.R. Janaki College
Arindam Garai Sonarpur Mahavidyalaya, WB
Cokilavany, R. Anna University
Deepa, K. Anna University
Dhanalakshmi, V. Stella Maris College
Gomathi, N. Anna University
Jayaprabha, S.R. Dr. M.G.R. Janaki College
Lakshmi, G. Gurunanak College
Lt. Fancy V.F. Stella Maris College
Poornima Sriram Alpha Arts & Science College
Reehana Parveen Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women
Sankar, K. A.M. Jain College
Sankarapandian, S. Kalasalingam University
Saroja, S. Alpha Arts & Science College
Sekar, U. Alpha Arts & Science College
Sindiya Theresa Stella Maris College
Sriram, S. Patrician College of Arts & Science
Umar Sathic Ali MEASI Institute of Information Technology
Vasudevan, K. Presidency College
Venkatesan, J. Rajalakshmi Engineering College
Vijayashree, K.V. Anna University
Vimala Ramani Anna University
Vineeth Kumar, V.P. Silver Arts & Science College, Kozhikode



Dec 8 - Chandrasekhar Hall - 2nd IMSc school on QI by 2nd IMSc school on QI
Dec 8 - Hall 123 - Pheno JC by Pheno JC
Dec 9 - Chandrasekhar Hall - 2nd IMSc school on QI by 2nd IMSc school on QI
Dec 9 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Zero cycles of degree one on homogeneous spaces-II by Parimala Raman
Dec 9 - Room 318 - Introduction to Yangians by Sachin Gautam
Dec 9 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Introduction to Toric Varieties and Diophantine geometry. by Philippon Patrice

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