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A. Adrian Albert The Collected Mathematical Papers of Leonard Eugene Dickson
A. Ashtekar Lectures on Non-perturbative Quantum Gravity -- 1991
A. Aspect, Introduction to Lasers and Quantum Optics -- 2006
A. Borel Automorphic forms on, L_2(\mathbb{R} ) A. Borel -- .
A. G. Smith Cut and Assemble 3-D Geometrical Shapes : 10 Models in Full Color -- 1986
A. Goswami Course in Applied Stochastic Processes -- 2006
A. M. Mathai A Handbook of Generalised special functions for statistical and physical sciences -- 1993
A.R. Stubberud et al Schaum's Outline on "Feedback and Control Systems" -- 1994
A. Stahl Physics with tau leptons -- 2000
A. T. Fomenko Integrability and Nonintegrability in Geometry and Mechanics -- Nov.1988
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Title   The Collected Mathematical Papers of Leonard Eugene Dickson
Author   A. Adrian Albert
Publ.   AMS
ISBN   0-8284-0306-6
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