This function helps in browsing the database. The browsing can be done on different catalogues such as, author, title, subject and on different databases such as, books, journals, articles, reports, etc.

The data fields are:

Catalogue: Select from the combo box either author, title, classified, subject, place or publisher.

Enter begining character(s): Enter the search word(s)

Database: Select the database from the combo box.

The screen displays the author, title and call number if 'Author' is selected as the catalogue to be searched on. The details of a selected title are also displayed. The following options are available:

  • E-Resource: To view the multimedia files, if any.
    Reservation: To reserve any title. Give the member ID and password and reserve the title.
    Copies: To display the status of the title, details and the due date if checked-out to any member.
    Format: To select the card format, i.e. either AACR-II or mnemonic.