Social and Cultural Events during IPEC and FSTTCS 2010

Monday 13th December Carnatik music -- Violin concert by Dr. M Narmadha 6.30pm, IMSc
Tuesday 14th December IPEC Excursion to World Heritage Site Mahabalipuram 2.30-7pm
Tuesday 14th December IPEC Banquet 7.30pm, Hotel Esthell
Wednesday 15th December Movie 5.45pm, IMSc
Thursday 16th December FSTTCS Banquet 7.00pm, Hotel Savera
Friday 17th December Hindustani music -- Sitar concert by Pandit Janardan Mitta, disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar. 6.30pm, IMSc
Saturday 18th December Movie 2.15pm, IMSc