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List of Online Resources

Electronic resources comprise library online catalog, list of CD-ROMs, Online Journals, Databases, Newspapers, Reference Materials,Open Access Journals, e-books, major publishers and online bookshops.

Access to electronic resources is restricted to IMSc community only. Systematic and mass downloading of files is strictly prohibited by the publishers. Any violation may result in loss of access privileges. The use of electronic resources hosted here implies that users have read and agree to this.

Journal Title Vol. Begins Vol. Ends Period Begins Period Ends
Reviews in American History 1973 1994
Reviews in Gynaecological Practice 2 30-Sep-02 to the date
Reviews in Mathematical Physics 1 1989 the date
Reviews in Molecular Biotechnology 74 1-Mar-00 to the date
Reviews of Modern Physics [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Revue de l'Institut International de Statistique 1933 1971
Revue de Micropaléontologie 38 1-Mar-95 to the date
Revue de musicologie 1922 1997
Revue du Rhumatisme 67 31-Mar-00 to the date
Revue Européenne de Psychologie Appliquée/European Review of Applied Psychology 54 31-Mar-04 to the date
Revue Française d'Allergologie et d'Immunologie Clinique 41 28-Feb-01 to the date
Revue Française des Laboratoires 275 1-Apr-95 to the date
Revue Générale de Thermique 35 31-Jan-96 to the date
Revue Générale des Chemins de Fer 1998 31-Jan-98 to the date
Rheologica Acta 1 1958 1996
Rhetoric Review 1982 1999
Ricerca Folklorica 1980 2001
Ricerche Economiche 49 31-Mar-95 to the date
Robotics to the date
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 14 28-Feb-95 to the date
Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 12 31-Mar-96 to the date
Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature 1975 2003
Russian Academy of Sciences. Izvestiya Mathematics 1967 1992
Russian Academy of Sciences. Sbornik Mathematics 75 83 1993 1995
Russian Chemical Reviews 1960 2008
Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling 1 23 1986 2008
Russian Mathematical Surveys [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Russian Mathematical Surveys Archive 15 51 1960 to the date
Russian Physics Journal 8 1965 1996
Russian Review 1941 1999
Sadhana print+current
Safety Science 18 31-Jan-95 to the date
Sammelbände der Internationalen Musikgesellschaft 1899 1914
Sauvegarde de l'Enfance 57 28-Feb-02 to the date
Sbornik: Mathematics 185 1993 to the date
Scandinavian International Business Review to the date
Scandinavian Journal of Management 11 31-Mar-95 to the date
Scandinavian Journal of Management Studies to the date
Schizophrenia Research 14 31-Jan-95 to the date
School Review 1893 1979
Science Print+Online (Current )
Science & Sports 1 1-Jan-96 to the date
Science & Technology Studies 1986 1987
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 1 31-Mar-00 to the date
Science Express
Science of Computer Programming [Print+Online (Current + Complete Archive1981+)]
Science of The Total Environment 159 6-Jan-95 to the date
Science Reporter print+current
Science Studies 1971 1974
Science [from JSTOR] 5 1880-1999
Science [Online] 275 1997 the date
Scientia Horticulturae 60 31-Jan-95 to the date
Scientific Monthly 1915 1957
Scientometrics 1 1978 1996
Scripta Materialia 34 1-Jan-96 to the date
Scripta Metallurgica 1 31-Oct-67 to the date
Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia 24 31-Jan-90 to the date
Sealing Technology 1995 31-Jan-95 to the date
Sedimentary Geology 94 31-Jan-95 to the date
Seizure 4 1-Dec-95 to the date
Selecta Mathematica, New Series 1 1995
Semiconductor Science and Technology 1 1986 the date
Semigroup Forum 1 1970 1996
Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism 24 1-Feb-95 to the date
Seminars in Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine 12 31-Oct-03 to the date
Seminars in Cancer Biology 6 28-Feb-95 to the date
Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology 7 29-Feb-96 to the date
Seminars in Cell Biology 6 28-Feb-95 to the date
Seminars in Cerebrovascular Diseases and Stroke 3 31-Dec-03 to the date
Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery 22 30-Sep-03 to the date
Seminars in Developmental Biology to the date
Seminars in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine 9 1-Oct-04 to the date
Seminars in Immunology 7 28-Feb-95 to the date
Seminars in Integrative Medicine 1 31-Mar-03 to the date