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List of Online Resources

Electronic resources comprise library online catalog, list of CD-ROMs, Online Journals, Databases, Newspapers, Reference Materials,Open Access Journals, e-books, major publishers and online bookshops.

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Journal Title Vol. Begins Vol. Ends Period Begins Period Ends
Applied Mathematical Modelling 1 30-Jun-76 to the date
Applied Mathematics and Computation 1 31-Jan-75 to the date
Applied Mathematics and Mechanics 1 1980 1996
Applied Mathematics and Optimization 1 1974 1996
Applied Mathematics Letters 1 31-Dec-88 to the date
Applied Numerical Mathematics 1 31-Jan-85 to the date
Applied Nursing Research 8 1-Feb-95 to the date
Applied Ocean Research 17 31-Dec-95 to the date
Applied Optics 1[Print+Online (Current + Complete Archive)]
Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing 1 1973 1996
Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 1 1973 1996
Applied Physics Express [Print+Online (Current )
Applied physics letters Vol. 1 archive 1962-1998 + current To the Date 1962 To the date
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 24 31-May-73 to the date
Applied Soft Computing 1 30-Jun-01 to the date
Applied Soil Ecology 2 31-Mar-95 to the date
Applied Statistics 1952- 2000
Applied Superconductivity 1 28-Feb-93 to the date
Applied Surface Science 22-23 31-May-85 to the date
Applied Thermal Engineering 16 31-Jan-96 to the date
Applied Vegetation Science 1998- 1999
APT Bulletin 1986- 2001
Aquacultural Engineering 14 31-Dec-95 to the date
Aquaculture 129 31-Jan-95 to the date
Aquatic Botany 49 31-Mar-95 to the date
Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management 1 31-Dec-98 to the date
Aquatic Living Resources 11 28-Feb-98 to the date
Aquatic Toxicology 31 31-Jan-95 to the date
Archaeological Reports 1954- 2002
Architectural History 1958- 2001
Archiv der Mathematik 1 archive 1948 1996
Archiv für Musikwissenschaft 1918- 2000
Archival Science 1 1987
Archive for History of Exact Sciences 1 49 1-Aug-1960 31-Dec-1996
Archive for Mathematical Logic 1 1950 1996
Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 1 archive + current To the date 1957 To the date
Archive of Applied Mechanics 1 1929 1996
Archive of Applied Mechanics ( 1 1929
Archives de Pédiatrie 2 31-Dec-95 to the date
Archives of American Art Journal 1964- 1999
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 316 31-Jan-95 to the date
Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology 10 28-Feb-95 to the date
Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics 20 28-Feb-95 to the date
Archives of Medical Research 30 31-Jan-99 to the date
Archives of Oral Biology 40 31-Jan-95 to the date
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 76 1-Jan-95 to the date
Archives of Psychiatric Nursing 9 1-Feb-95 to the date
Argumentation 1 1987 1996
Arkiv för Matematik 1 1949 1996
Art Bulletin 3 1919-2001
Art Education 1948- 1999
Art Journal 1960- 2001
Arthropod Structure & Development 29 31-Jan-00 to the date
Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surgery 11 28-Feb-95 to the date
Artibus Asiae 1925- 1999
Artibus Asiae. Supplementum 1937- 1993
Artibus et Historiae 1980 2001
Artificial Intelligence Print+Online
Artificial Intelligence and Law 1 1992 1996
Artificial Intelligence in Engineering 9 31-Dec-95 to the date
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 7 28-Feb-95 to the date
Artificial Intelligence Review 1 1987 1996
Arts in Psychotherapy 22 31-Dec-95 to the date
ASA Review of Books 1975- 1980
Asia Pacific Journal of Management 1 13 1983 1996
Asia-Pacific Financial Markets 1 3 1994 1996
Asian Folklore Studies 1963- 1999
Asian Music 1968- 2000
Asian Survey 1961 -2001
Asian Theatre Journal 3 1984-2001
Assemblage 1986- 2000
Assessing Writing 2 31-Dec-95 to the date
Asterisque print+current
Asthma Magazine 1 1-Jul-96 to the date
Astronomy Quarterly 2 31-Dec-78 to the date


May 22 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Dancing Volvox: Hydrodynamic Bound States of Swimming Algae by Rajesh Singh
May 22 - Hall 123 Poisson Distribution of a Prime Counting Function Corresponding to Elliptic Curves by Sumit Giri
May 26 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Partitions with an odd number of standard tableaux by Amritanshu Prasad
May 26 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Directional Accuracy in a Model of Gradient Signaling during Yeast Mating by Rati Sharma
May 27 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Kernel machine learning for statistical inference of observables across chemical compound space by Dr. Raghunathan Ramakrishnan
May 27 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Melting of three-sublattice order in easy-axis antiferromagnets on triangular and kagome lattices by Kedar Damle