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List of Online Resources

Electronic resources comprise library online catalog, list of CD-ROMs, Online Journals, Databases, Newspapers, Reference Materials,Open Access Journals, e-books, major publishers and online bookshops.

Access to electronic resources is restricted to IMSc community only. Systematic and mass downloading of files is strictly prohibited by the publishers. Any violation may result in loss of access privileges. The use of electronic resources hosted here implies that users have read and agree to this.

Journal Title Vol. Begins Vol. Ends Period Begins Period Ends
Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 1 31-May-04 to the date
Photogrammetria to the date
Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications 1 31-Dec-03 to the date
Photovoltaics Bulletin 2002 31-Jan-02 to the date
Phylon (1940-1956) 1940 1956
Phylon (1960-) 1960 1992
Phylon Quarterly 1957 1959
Physica 1 31-Dec-34 to the date
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physica B+C [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physica B: Condensed Matter [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physica C: Superconductivity [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physica Scripta [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
physica status solidi (b) 199 1997 to the date
physica status solidi (c) - current topics in solid state physics 2002 to the date
Physical Review A [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physical Review B [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physical Review C [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physical Review D [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physical Review E [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physical Review Letters [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physical Review online journals(PROLA) 1 1893 the date
Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams
Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education
Physical Therapy in Sport 1 29-Feb-00 to the date
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 1 1977 1996
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 20 28-Feb-95 to the date
Physics Education 1 1966 the date
Physics Education (IOP)
Physics Education(India)
Physics in Medicine and Biology 1 1956 the date
Physics in Technology 1 19 1970 1988
Physics Letters 1 1-Apr-62 to the date
Physics Letters A [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physics Letters B [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]
Physics of Fluids 1 31 1958 1988
Physics of Fluids (1994-1998) 6 10 1994 1998
Physics of Fluids A: Fluid Dynamics 1 5 1989 1993
Physics of Fluids B: Plasma Physics 1 5 1989 1993
Physics of Life Reviews 1 30-Apr-04 to the date
Physics of Plasmas 1 5 1994 1998
Physics of The Earth and Planetary Interiors 1 31-Oct-67 to the date
Physics Reports 1 31-Mar-71 to the date
Physics Today 52 To the date 1999 To the date
Physics Uspekhi 36 1993 the date
Physics World - Archive 1 18 1988 2005
Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 46 31-Jan-95 to the date
Physiological Measurement 1 1980 the date
Physiology & Behavior 57 31-Jan-95 to the date
Physiotherapy 90 31-Mar-04 to the date
Phytochemistry 38 31-Jan-95 to the date
Phytomedicine 8 1-Jan-01 to the date
Placenta 16 31-Jan-95 to the date
Planetary and Space Science 1 31-Jan-59 to the date
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 36 28-Feb-98 to the date
Plant Science 104 31-Dec-95 to the date
Plant Science Letters to the date
Plasma Physics 9 25 1967 1983
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 26 1984 the date
Plasma Sources Science and Technology 1 1992 the date
Plasma Therapy and Transfusion Technology to the date
Plasmas & Ions 1 30-Sep-98 to the date
Plasmid 33 31-Jan-95 to the date
PMLA 1889 2001
Poetics 23 31-Jan-95 to the date
Poetics Today 1979 1999
Policy Sciences 1970
Political Behavior 1979 2001
Political Geography 14 31-Jan-95 to the date
Political Geography Quarterly to the date
Political Research Quarterly 1993 2003
Political Science Quarterly 1886 2000