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About Library

The IMSc Library is the information backbone of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. It also acts as a regional library for Southern India and provides information resources to support acdemic and research activities in the areas of Mathematics, Theoretical Physics and Theoretical Computer Science.


The primary task of the Library is to enhance and maintain its holdings of books, journals and other sources of information. It is equally important for the library to make the access to these resources user-friendly.


IMSc Library - the library of the future will be less a place where information is kept than a portal through which the user community within and outside IMSc will access the vast information resources of the world. This library will bring together the scholars and the information resources without necessarily bringing either one to a physical building with card catalogues and books. The IMSc Library is committed to:


* Use of technology to enable user access in a global context;
* Designing and refining innovative services to meet user needs;
* Wise and responsible use of fiscal resources through sharing;
* Providing the richest array of information possible; and
* Remaining the premier academic and research library in the country with global access

Some of the features that distinguish IMSc library are:

* Finest collections of early printed books and research materials.
* NBHM has recognized this library as Regional library in the areas of mathematics and allied subject areas.
* The library enjoys intensive use of its resources and services. The library posses a state of the art IT infrastructure that includes RFID based system for self check-in/check-out of library materials.
* 24x7 access to the library services, perhaps the only library of this kind in the country.

IMSc library actively participates and contributes for mutual benefits in resource sharing activities among DAE units.


Jun 2 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall A bijection; a generalization of the Durfee square construction by B. Ravinder
Jun 4 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Quantum computation with classical light: The Deutsch Algorithm / Process tomography via sequential measurements on a single quantum system by Benjamín Pérez and Humairah Bassa
Jun 4 - Room 318 Thermodynamic aspects of black holes in LQG : some recent developments by Abhishek Majhi
Jun 5 - Research Scholars Annex Hall Magnetization plateaux in the Shastry Sutherland model by Bimla Danu
Jun 5 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Thermostability and Cellulases: A Structural Perspective by Ragothaman Yennamalli
Jun 9 - Hall 123 Basics of Graph Coloring by Mathew Francis