Other Math Links

The AMS, EMIS and the IAMP

    * American Mathematical society.
    * European Mathematical Society .
    * International Association of Mathematical Physics

Some preprint services.

    * e-prints.The Mirror at IMSc.
    * AMS-Preprint Servers.
    * Mathphysics Archives mp_arc.

Some Electronic Journals

    * Electronic J of Differential Equations
    * New York Journal of Mathematics
    * Theory and Applications of Categorie
    * ULAM
    * Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal
    * The Wavelet Digest

Some services related to Mathematics:

    * Mathematics Subject Classification 1991 and the new MSC 2000 proposed to be used from year 2000.
    * Math Departments, Institutes all over the world listed at Penn State.
    * Math Servers from Yahoo.
    * History of Mathematics Archive with the Topics Index
    * NRICH-math club.

Some mathematics departments.

    * Brown Universitymath department.
    * Caltech math department.
    * Chennai Mathematical Institute
    * Courant Institute .
    * Dukemath depatment.
    * Erwin Schroedinger Institute of Mathematical Physics.
    * Fields Institute of the University of Toronto.
    * Florida State Universitymath depatment.
    * Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore   Calcutta and Delhi.
    * Kentucky Universitymath depatment.
    * Missouri Universitymath depatment.
    * Northwestern University math depatment.
    * Institute for Advanced Study, in Princeton.
    * Illinois Algebraic number theory and K-theory.
    * Princeton Universitymath department.
    * Purdue.
    * SUNY-Stony Brook.
    * TIFRmath school.
    * Yale University math department.