Kapil Hari Paranjape

Email: <kapil AT SPAMFREE imsc DOT res DOT in>

I have been at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences since September 1996. My work (and play :-)) here can be divided roughly into the areas:

A little more is explained below about each.

I know. Forget all that---here are the goodies. B-)

I also have a collection of calendar entries.


The primary area of Mathematics that I am interested in is Algebraic Geometry. More specifically, I have worked on problems in Algebraic Cycles and Riemann Surfaces or Algebraic Curves.

In addition, I have been interested in Differential Geometry, Algebraic Topology and Cryptology. In general, anything to do with Geometry is fair game.

Current Teaching Activities

Earlier Teaching Activities


I use Debian GNU/Linux and maintain a few packages for the Debian project. The laptop that I use for most of my work runs Debian stable. My configuration is based on the following key packages:

More details about the configuration used for each of these will be written up eventually!

Categories, If you please, Name some:

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