Restricting Access

Wiki is meant as a collaborative medium so it is generally not a good idea to create "private" pages on the Wiki. However, there are a number of situations when you might not want to allow everyone to read, edit or delete a specific page that you have created:

Before doing anything else you should read HelpOnAccessControlLists.

In any page where you have granted only limited access, put a line like the following in a prominent place:

Note: It is currently possible to lock a page on this Wiki in a way that will prevent anyone from accessing or modifying the page via the Web interface. The system administrator will then have to login to the server and manually edit/delete the corresponding page. So please be careful by restricting access to pages.


By default all logged-in users have unlimited access to all pages on the Wiki. The users who are not logged-in can view all Wiki pages but cannot edit, revert, delete or otherwise administer them

Restricting access to Logged-in Users

To allow only logged-in users to use a specific page you can use the "Trusted" keyword. Thus, by putting

        #acl Trusted:read,write,admin,revert,delete

you are giving Logged-in users unlimited access to the page. Other users will have no access at all.

Restricting access to a specific user(s)

To allow only a specific user access to a page you can use the IMSc user ID of that user as follows (replace someuser by the IMSc user ID):

        #acl someuser:read,write,admin,revert,delete

Note again that a page with this ACL will deny access of all kinds to other users. To give other IMSc users read access you can put

        #acl someuser:read,write,admin,revert,delete Trusted:read

To give all Wiki users (including non-IMSc users) read access you can put

        #acl someuser:read,write,admin,revert,delete All:read

You can also give access to a specific list of users by putting all their names as follows:

        #acl someuser1:read,write,admin,revert,delete someuser2:read,write,admin,revert,delete

Creating a Group and using it

Sometimes you want to give a certain Group of IMSc users access to a number of different Wiki pages and do not want to keep typing the names again and again. To do this create a page with WikiName ending in the word Group, like SomeDescriptionOfGroup. In this page create a list of users as follows:

        #acl SomeDescriptionOfGroup:read,write,admin,revert,delete All:read
        #format wiki
         * someuser1
         * someuser2

Where you replace SomeDescriptionOfGroup by the Group name you chose. (Yes, this page is self-referential). Also replace someuser1, someuser2 and so on with actual IMSc user IDs. Do not forget to add yourself to this list or you will be locked out of the page as soon as you create it :-( . You need not give read access to All but that is a polite thing to do.

After this you can restrict access to a specific page by using the ACL

        #acl SomeDescriptionOfGroup:read,write,admin,revert,delete


In brief:


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