How to modify this Wiki


Before you start you should know that this Wiki can currently only be modified by those who are logged in. Secondly, you can only be logged in if you are already a user of the IMSc Computer Centre. If you satisfy these requirements then you should connect to in order to edit the pages on this Wiki.

What you can do

You are encouraged to use this Wiki as a general forum to post material that you think will be of value to others---within IMSc and without. The emphasis is on content rather than visual layout.

You can start a discussion on any topic.

You can also use this Wiki as a tool to blog as explained by Johannes Berg.

You can also use this Wiki as a Calendar.

You can also create pages with limited access if necessary.

Most features of MoinMoin have been enabled for logged in users. Please use them juiciously within the terms of the AcceptableUsePolicy.

Where to start

The best place to start is your own Home Page. This is reached by following the link containing your user name at the top of each Wiki page once you are logged in.

There are a number of template pages which you can use as the starting point for creating pages. Another alternative is the WikiSandBox page which you can use to test out the various features.

Specifically, you can add stuff from your IMSc web pages by direct cut and paste. Open one browser window (or tab) on the page from which you want to cut and paste, open a second browser window in the Wiki editor in gui mode. Just cut and paste! :)

Where to continue

You may want to continue with adding to or editing the help pages if you feel that you can help other starting users.

You also might want to add to the various subject pages on the FrontPage.

You can also use the Wiki as a way of editing and creating

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files. Take any wikipage and add ?action=format&mimetype=text/latex to its URL; this will give you a .tex file which you can process with the latex or pdflatex command.

Everyone benefits when you add information.


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